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SEO or PPC – Which is Better For Online Sales?

If you’re new to eCommerce or a seasoned retailer, there’s only one thing that counts… making sales! Deciding how you’re going to attract new customers and where you’re going to spend your digital marketing budget can be a bit of a minefield.

You’ve most likely come across SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) when researching ways to market your business but which is the best for you… SEO or PPC? Today we’re going to look at the strengths and weaknesses of SEO and PPC, letting you know which could work best for you in the short and long term, increasing your sales.

So let’s take a look at the different options.

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Get Your Business in Shape – 6 Months On

At the start of 2018, we created an article titled “Get Your Business in Shape This Year”. It compared the similarities between joining the gym and marketing a business.

In a nutshell, everyone joins the gym at the start of the year with goals of getting fitter, stronger and beach body ready. But after a couple of months hitting the gym three times per week, the results are not seen and give up. Much like marketing your business, a couple of ideas are tried but because the results aren’t instant business owners give up.

So, we’re just over halfway through the year. Are you getting results and crushing your business goals? Or did you give up due to the lack of results after running a couple of Facebook adverts, writing a blog article and sending an email campaign?

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Increase Your Sales With The Facebook Pixel

Are you advertising on Facebook but would like more bang for your buck? Or are you just starting out on your first ad campaign? Before you spend another penny take a look at the Facebook Pixel. Not only is it free and really easy to setup but it can help you reach people who are more likely to purchase your products and services, lower your advertising budget and create a hyper targeted audience.

So, what is the Facebook Pixel and how can it help your business and social media marketing? Let’s get into it…

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7 Ways to Get More Visitors With The Perfect Employee

What if I said you could have the perfect employee? This employee would work 24/7, give an excellent first impression for your business, provide accurate information about your products and services, answer customer queries and even make sales. Sounds ideal right?

But what if your customers never get to see or hear from this perfect employee? You’d feel like you were wasting your employee’s talents and missing out on opportunities, right? So how do make sure your customers are meeting this amazing advocate for your business? It’s simple… just introduce them.

What I’ve just described is a business website done properly, a website presented, optimised and maintained to work tirelessly for your business.

If you’re struggling to get customers visiting your website here’s seven ways you can change that.

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Get Your Business in Shape This Year

It’s the start of a new year and the perfect time to do things differently. Take a good look at what you did last year and make some improvements. For many, a popular New Year’s resolution is to get fit and lose some of that extra weight gained over the Festive period… So you join a gym or start a fitness class.

As a regular gym goer, January is possibly one of the worst times to visit the gym. It’s much busier, you can’t use any equipment or book a class. You can’t really blame people for wanting to make changes and get fit, for many it’s an inspiration and the beginning of regular and improving fitness in their lives and we wish them all the best. But all too often many of the newcomers drop away after just a couple of months leaving the regulars to get on with the business of continued improvement. This got us thinking about marketing… joining the gym is very similar to marketing for your business.

Many people have the best intentions when starting out but they don’t have the willpower to see it through, they create a training programme, a nutrition plan, buy all the supplements, get all new kit and aim hit the gym three times a week, but their goals are lofty, misguided and unrealistic, they quickly become despondent when the results aren’t immediately apparent.

Long term fitness and increased strength take time and dedication, there is no quick fix. Much like a business, marketing isn’t about a couple of Facebook posts, trying a little SEO for one month or tweeting now and then. Marketing takes dedication, above all it requires a focussed long term strategy with realistic goals from which you can continually build.

Continuing with the Gym analogy, here are a few things you should be considering to shape up your business…

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