7 Ways to Get More Visitors With The Perfect Employee

What if I said you could have the perfect employee? This employee would work 24/7, give an excellent first impression for your business, provide accurate information about your products and services, answer customer queries and even make sales. Sounds ideal right?

But what if your customers never get to see or hear from this perfect employee? You’d feel like you were wasting your employee’s talents and missing out on opportunities, right? So how do make sure your customers are meeting this amazing advocate for your business? It’s simple… just introduce them.

What I’ve just described is a business website done properly, a website presented, optimised and maintained to work tirelessly for your business.

If you’re struggling to get customers visiting your website here’s seven ways you can change that.

1 – Optimise Your Website Appropriately

A great place to start if you want to increase your website traffic is to optimise your website for your desired customers. Google is still one of the best places to generate organic website visitors. Take a look at these search stats;

  • 81% of shoppers do online research before making big purchases.
  • 72% of customers who did a local search visited a shop within 5 miles.
  • 71% of B2B researchers start with a generic search on Google.

(Stats source)

To get a piece of this search action you need to optimise your website to include the typical keyword phrases and questions your customers are actually searching for.

2 – Create Great Content

The standard content on your website will occasionally change, but creating new blog content on a regular basis is a great way to keep things fresh, demonstrate your industry knowledge, increase your authority within your sector which in time will attract new visitors.

Industry Knowledge & Authority Articles

These types of articles are ideal for your business because they will contain your target keyphrases. For example, if you’re selling trainers your articles will be based around “Nike trainers”, “running trainers”, “kids trainers” etc. These type of articles will support your standard website content and show your customers and Google that you’re knowledgeable about your industry.

Long Tail Keyphrases Articles

Creating articles based on long tail keyphrases gives you the opportunity to include keywords that you don’t normally use but are still related to your industry. The advantage of using long tail keyphrases is that they perform very well in Google search because they have lower competition and a higher conversion rate.

Going back to the trainer example, your articles will now be focussed on answering questions and social sharing. For example, “what is the best trainer for running a marathon?”, “how to spot a fake Adidas Yeezy Boost trainer?”, “top 10 womens gym trainers” etc.

3 – Paid Search

Google’s AdWords pay per click (PPC) service offers a quick way to generate visitors to your website. PPC is best used if your business is brand new and you need to start generating sales immediately or if you want to promote a special offer, brand or product launch over a few weeks.

If used correctly PPC can be great for your business but it can also get expensive very quickly.  Use it in bursts for occasional promotions and then stop when the promotion is over, but be prepared for your website to disappear from the listings if you’re not backing PPC up with ongoing, solid SEO.

Good, solid, ongoing SEO with the occasional PPC campaign can be far cheaper and much more sustaining than continued PPC on its own. Obvious right?

4 – Get Listed

A great way to generate traffic is to get your website listed on local directories and review sites. Being listed on a local directory will not only help to drive traffic to your website but it will also act as a reference to Google, improving local SEO, authority and trust.

Here are some directories that you should add your business to.

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places
  • Central Index
  • Yell
  • Yelp
  • Trip Advisor
  • Trustpilot / Feefo / other review sites

5 – Organic & Paid Social Media

Using social media is an excellent way to drive visitors to your site. The key is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, i.e. share things that you’d like to see in your feed, but definitely, don’t bombard the timeline!

The content you post should be engaging for your followers and not just link after link to your products and sell sell sell. The blog articles you’ve created are perfect for sharing on social media. You’re providing an engaging read and answering key questions without the hard sell.

As organic reach isn’t as good as it used to be and Facebook is making changes again, the best way to get your blog article in front of your audience is to promote it using paid social media. If you’ve got a large number of loyal followers you can just target them but if you want to attract new followers and customers, you should create a target audience based on your ideal customer to advertise to.

6 – Repurpose Content

Creating content on a regular basis can be time-consuming, so why not get as much use out of your blog articles as possible? Reach new audiences and drive traffic to your website by uploading your articles to sites such as Medium and LinkedIn. You can also turn your articles into a video and upload it to YouTube which is the second largest search engine, so it’s a great way to generate new traffic.

7 – Email

Email has had some bad press over the years but it’s still a good way to drive traffic to your website. If you’re building up an email list, you’re creating a targeted and engaged list of customers that want to hear more from you. Each time you’ve got a new blog article or special offer send your subscribers an email to let them know about it.

What Next?

If you want to create the perfect employee and increase your website visitors, drop us an email or call Mechanised on 0161 791 0100.

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