5 Popular Brands Using Shopify

Shopify is possibly one of the most well-known eCommerce platforms and is experiencing rapid growth. Its popularity might be down to its ease of use, the speed at which you can get a store online, its excellent support or because it’s a fully hosted solution with minimal maintenance. Shopify is popular with smaller eCommerce brands but there is nothing stopping it from scaling with a growing business.

Fueling Shopify’s growth could be the rise of dropshipping. Dropshipping allows store owners to sell products online without having to have a large inventory or handle them. This means the barrier for entry is quite low for creating a new online business using this method.

Set up a Shopify store, find a popular product and start selling online.

Spend a couple of minutes on YouTube and no doubt you’ll come across a “dropshipping guru” telling you they made fifty thousand dollars selling a wolf mug using Shopify.

Although this is great for Shopify’s growth rate it can give Shopify a bit of a dirty name. If you’re looking for a new eCommerce solution or to re-platform you might see Shopify as an inferior choice compared to the likes of WooCommerce and Magento. But it’s far from it.

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Brands Using Shopify

Don’t worry, you’re in good company. There are some huge brands using Shopify, more specifically Shopify Plus, the enterprise level solution. Shopify Plus can cater to the needs of huge brands by offering the following.

  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Handle over 10,000 transactions per minute
  • Dedicated support
  • Greater design flexibility

These brands have turned their backs on the other eCommerce platforms available and invested in the Shopify platform. So who’s on the list of users?

Gym Shark

Founded in 2012 in a UK garage, Gym Shark is a leading fitness apparel and accessories brand that can be found in gyms across the country. Like any growing brand wanting to sell online Gym Shark opted to use Magento but quickly regretted their decision.

Due to the typically long development time for Magento stores by the time the store was finished Gym Shark had already doubled in size and outgrown the original Magento store. To make matters worse the Gym Shark website crashed during their Black Friday sale costing them approximately £100,000!

After this disaster Gym Shark replatformed with Shopify Plus which allowed the company to expand internationally and provide a stable online store for customers.

Red Bull

The energy drink giant Red Bull have boosted their revenue due to their online Shopify store. Due to legal restrictions, they cannot sell their energy drink online but they are allowed to sell their line of performance wear, accessories and sports merchandise from their Formula One and football teams to their loyal fan base.


Founded in 2013 MVMT set out to sell high quality, classically designed watches for a fraction of their high-end counterparts. After a successful and historic Indiegogo campaign, shifting their website traffic acquisition to over 60% mobile and social and they had to capitalise on this influx of traffic. As Shopify Plus merchants their website was ready for mobile visitors, offering clean layouts, great product photography and simple descriptions.

By developing their own Shopify Apps and creating a multi-channel approach to selling online, they generated 60,000 visitors and $15,000 in the first three months, doubling their mobile conversion rates.


Simba was late to the party but it didn’t stop them from getting a share of the mattress-in-a-box market. The company quickly found their way into high-end retail stores like John Lewis but wanted to scale without rushing or compromising.

Simba identified two new markets to sell in but first, they needed to understand the cultural idea of sleep. Instead of copying the UK website or just having a single store, Simba decided to create separate stores for each country allowing for unique messaging and straightforward checkouts without the need for currency converters.

With Shopify Plus Simba has launched online stores in more than ten countries enabling the company to hit $100 million in global sales.

Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner

Even the Kardashians are using Shopify! Kylie Jenner built a Shopify store for her brand Kylie Cosmetics in 2015 and as one of the top ten most followed people on Instagram her stock of 15,000 products sold out in minutes. It goes to show that Shopify is robust enough to take on big brands with big aspirations.

Do You Use Shopify?

Could your company be the next brand to use Shopify?

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