Does Being at the Top of Google Make a Difference?

We’re often asked, “Why is being on the first page important?” and “Does being at the top of Google make a difference?”. Most of our clients are aware they need to be on the first page of Google and the coveted top position but don’t know why.

The reason is for increased visibility and click-through rates (CTR).

There’s a well-known joke in the industry…

“Where’s the best place to hide a dead body?…. Page two of Google”. Oldie but a goodie!

But when was the last time you searched for something and ventured to page two? Most of us don’t look past the first page, so how does the position affect CTR? Here’s the breakdown.

Page One Positions

If you’re on page one of Google, congratulations, you’re doing a good job! But how many more visitors would you be receiving if you moved up a position or reached the number one spot?

The graph below from Advanced Web Ranking shows the correlation between the CTR and position for desktop and mobile searches (mobile figures are in brackets).

Being number one at the top of Google will give you a CTR of 34.14% (31.42%), position 2 17.63% (19.26%) CTR, and position three 11.03% (12.39%) CTR. You can see the pattern of decreasing click-through rates moving down the positions towards the bottom of the page.

If your business has just made it onto page one, which is position ten, for your top search term there is a huge difference in CTR compared to a mid-position and top position result.

If you can improve your position from ten to five, you’ll receive 3.5x (4x mobile) more visitors. Improving your position from ten to one, you’ll receive 21.8x (20.4x mobile) more visitors!

PositionDesktop CTR (%)Mobile CTR (%)

The Page Two Secret

Looking at the graph you’ll notice that desktop CTR decreases as you move down page one, through to page two and three. However, if you take a closer look at the mobile CTR from position 12 to 16 (page two), the CTR increases making it higher than positions eight to ten on page one.

This increase in CTR shows that visitors using mobile devices are scrolling more and finding useful results on page two. The difference between desktop and mobile could be due to the layout. On mobile devices, there is a simple “next” button at the bottom, right at our fingertips which could be increasing the clicks to page two.

This information is worth knowing but it still doesn’t beat being on page one, in positions one to seven. Although being on page two can perform better than page one, it can still take an effort to appear on page two if your website is not optimised.

Keywords With Volume

The next thing to consider is choosing the correct keywords. Some keywords are more popular than others and will have a higher search volume i.e. the number of visitors. With some keyword research, you will be able to identify which keywords you should try to rank for.

For example, keyword A might have a search volume of 5,000 per month while keyword B may only have a search volume of 100 per month. Based on the click-through rates above, being in position one for keyword B may get you 34 visitors, but being in position ten for keyword A will get you 785 visitors per month.

This is quite a big difference if you want to get more visitors to your website and turn them into customers.

What Next?

If you’re looking to increase your website visibility and visitors, using the correct keywords is the key to success. We can take the stress out of choosing the best keywords to use and apply them to your website, increasing your visitors and revenue.

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