Why Your Business Needs A Website Review

Why Your Business Needs A Website Analysis

As a business owner do you ask yourself the following questions?

  • Why do I not get any sales or enquiries through my website?
  • How come my competitor’s website always appears first on Google?
  • I can’t find my website on Google, how can I change this?

The answer to these questions is simple. Optimisation. Your website needs to be optimised to enable it to be indexed by Google and allow customers to find it.

If you’ve invested time and money getting a good website for your business, you did it for a reason. You want your website to do something. You want potential customers to easily find you on Google, generate a steady stream of new customers and sell your products.

Many businesses have this issue and this is where we can help you. Our free website analysis will identify the issues that are holding your website back and stopping customers from finding your website.

Our free website analysis focuses on the following areas which will help you with search engine optimisation.

Design Overview

The first item on our free website analysis is the design overview section. We will look at the design aspects of your website and identify any issues that can affecting your website.

The design of your website should match your business goals and have clear call-to-actions. A clear call-to-action will allow your customers to reach their goal, be it completing a form, contacting you or buying a product.

On-Page Optimisation

Next, is the on-page optimisation section. This identifies any issues with page titles, descriptions, URL structure and contact details. The information displayed in Google Search relies on this information and is an important aspect of SEO.

Technical Optimisation

Technical optimisation is what’s going on behind the scenes.

  • Is your website blocking Google from indexing your website?
  • Are your redirects not working properly and showing broken pages?
  • Are you using outdated technology or not mobile-friendly?

Fixing your technical issues will give your website a solid foundation for improving its overall performance.

Content Optimisation

For your website to be valuable in the eyes of Google it needs to have unique quality content which is formatted correctly and easy to read.

Most importantly your content should include your target keywords, consisting of short and long tail keywords, giving clear a clear indication to the topic of the page.

Site Speed

The time it takes for your website to load is not just beneficial to your overall SEO but also to your customers. Slow loading pages can frustrate your customers causing them to leave your website and not reach their intended goal.

Our website analysis will identify any issues relating to the speed of your website and how they can be fixed.

Back Links

Quality back links acquired from other websites are a factor for boosting your website’s SEO. The more quality links you have the better your domain authority will be, increasing the potential for your website to rank in Google.

It’s also important to have local links to your website to improve your local SEO. This is extremely important if you’re a local shop, offer local services or a restaurant.

If you’re an established business with a long standing website you might have to remove links that could have a negative effect on your SEO.


The final section of our free website analysis is an insight into your competition. We will show you how many website visitors they receive and which marketing channels they are using compared to your business.

The information in this section is extremely useful because you can discover if your competitors are getting their customers from organic search, direct traffic, back links, social media, email campaigns or paid advertising. Knowing this information will identify opportunities for which marketing channels you should use.

What Next?

If your website isn’t performing as expected and you’d like to increase your visitors and revenue, you can request a free website analysis.

Our free website analysis will give you an action plan to help you improve the visibility of your website and start to increase your visitors.

Request your free site review today and start to make your business grow.

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