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Your website is your most important marketing tool giving your customers that all-important first impression of your business. If you’re the owner of a fantastic Manchester based business you want to be successful and beat the competition, you need a website to reflect your brand, products and services.

Professional website design can make your business stand out in a competitive market, offering a great user experience for your visitors, guiding them to their intended goal. It’s essential that your website is designed and developed to be mobile-friendly (responsive) so it will work on any device. The majority of visitors use mobile phones and tablets to access the internet and it’s important that your website is mobile-friendly to ensure that a consistent looking website is delivered across all devices and desktops.

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Website Design FAQ

What is website design?

Website design is the process of designing a website based on your business goals and user needs. There are many different elements that affect user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of website design such as;

Different types of websites

Deciding on which type of website you require depends on your business goals and user needs. The different types of websites that are available are the following;

  • Brochure website (non-editable)
  • Brochure website (editable via a content management system)
  • Dynamic website (customer login areas and self-managed)
  • eCommerce website (transactional website selling products and services)
  • Web App (bespoke functionality and processes)

Depending on what you want to achieve will help you decide on the type of website you need, but you should have a clear defined goal in mind.

check Professional website design

check Mobile-friendly design

check Aligned to your business goals

check Built with technical SEO from the ground up

check Hosting, support and maintenance

Should I invest in website design?

In the website design industry you definitely get what you pay for.  A quick search for “web design Manchester” will return many website design companies claiming to build you a website for virtually nothing. These will usually be quick off-the-shelf templates that are repeatedly used or your business model will be shoe-horned to fit in a given structure.

Your website needs to be unique and to fit into your individual business goals. If your website doesn’t match your brand message and it’s not aligned to your business goals, it will not perform as expected.

A major consideration is what to do with your website once it’s live? To drive customers to your website you need to market your business through various activities, such as;

Other considerations include hosting, support and maintenance. We can provide all of these services ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

What is the website design and development process?

The website design process begins with an initial meeting to discuss your business, goals and expectations. We’ll also discuss the type of websites that inspire you or a great functionality that you’ve seen and would love to use.

After the initial stage we will begin to research and plan your website, producing a concept design to show how the website will look and function.

All of our websites are designed and developed on a solid foundation of technical SEO from the ground-up. This will give your website a head start and make your ongoing SEO much more effective.

Want to know more about our Manchester based website design agency and how it can benefit your business? 

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