Independent Nursery Shop

From the kitchen table to a 5,000 sq. foot showroom we have worked with Beautiful Bambino from the beginning working on their eCommerce website, digital marketing and SEO. Over the past year, Beautiful Bambino has attracted thousands of online visitors and caught the eye of high-end brands. Wanting to grow and scale with demand they needed a new eCommerce store to improve the customer journey, experience and communication.

What We Delivered

After the successful launch of their first eCommerce site on Woocommerce in 2016 the site was showing signs of age and straining with the number of new products being added. The design and customer experience needed an update but most importantly because the business grew so fast they needed a website that could keep up with their pace in terms of product management and fulfilment.

To achieve this we built the new website on Shopify as it can easily scale with a growing business, offers a simple and intuitive admin area providing excellent customer communication and product management.

What Beautiful Bambino Said

“Mechanised came highly recommended, we couldn’t be happier with the end product and service provided! We had a specific idea in mind for the look of the website and they exceeded our expectations in both design and standard of work, creating a beautifully finished website to a very high standard.

The support and advice they have provided has been amazing and this is the biggest reason we would recommend Mechanised to other businesses, especially if you are a new business like ourselves, as this is invaluable when attracting a completely new customer base and successfully launching a new website.”

Joe Broadbent – Owner, Beautiful Bambino

Beautiful Bambino on desktop
Beautiful Bambino on mobile
Beautiful Bambino product page
Beautiful Bambino product page