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Panoramic Security Solutions are specialist providers of commercial and domestic security systems. Based in Tameside, Panoramic have over 25 years experience in the design and development of integrated front-end security control systems.

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Panoramic are an established company but needed a new website to be the base of their marketing drive. The old website was non-responsive, outdated, not visually appealing and was difficult to navigate. So the decision was made to develop a new website that would compliment the marketing campaigns.

The new website is built on the Craft content management system, allowing the client to update their website easily, with new content, offers and news articles, whilst keeping the website lightweight and fast to download. The content on the new website had to be easy to access. The content is split between commercial and domestic, allowing the visitor to easily find the products and services that are relevant to them.

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Panoramic on mobile

Panoramic on mobile

“Just a quick note to thank the Mechanised team for doing such a great job with the new Panoramic Security Solutions website.

Not only does the website look professional with its superb layout, it is easy to navigate and is really user friendly. The added bonus is that we have the ability to update the website ourselves.

The personal touch that Mechanised have shown during the process of building the website is also worth mentioning, as it is important that there is a relationship between a customer and a service provider, something that we are well aware of as a service provider ourselves.

We have been very pleased with the patience that you have shown as we strived to ensure that the website covered all aspects of our company without going overboard with detail. With regard to updating the system, we have found that, thanks to your advice and support, it is really quite an easy process to add content.

We have already received some great feedback about the new website and we would have no hesitation in recommending Mechanised to anyone that is considering an update or a new website created.”

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