TrueRice Stright From The Farm

TrueRice is a new eCommerce start-up with two main goals. Import the purest, best-tasting rice directly from farmers around the world and to be a sustainable brand, working in balance with the environment. To hit the ground running TrueRice wanted to work with an experienced digital marketing agency located nearby.

What We Delivered

Mechanised was approached by TrueRice to create their branding, packaging and a Shopify eCommerce store.

First, we had to decide on a name and the overall look and feel of the brand. The next step was to design the packaging which was available in three different sizes and five different products. During this phase, we consulted the client on which packaging material would be ideal and designed the front and back labels, along with a colour scheme for each group of products.

We built their new eCommerce store on Shopify which features a modern clean design optimised for mobile devices, streamlined product categorisation, clear product images and simple product weight selection. Paired with a seamless checkout system this results in a greatly improved shopping experience for the user.

What TrueRice Said

“By far the best digital marketing agency ever! Everything from branding, building the Shopify store to designing our packaging was just an outstanding work!”

Hamdi Harbaoui – Owner, TrueRice

Truerice home page
Branding & Packing for TrueRice
TrueRice on mobile
Truerice internal page
Truerice internal page